"Vinnie's Book" is a music instruction manual unlike anything you've ever seen - a true, comprehensive study of jazz drumming. A massive 250 page volume, put together by Vinnie Ruggiero "in the interest of the real music" designed to pass on the elements so often overlooked by traditional instruction methods. This beautifully handcrafted book contains the building blocks of true mastery on the instrument. Bursting with transcriptions, compositions, "licks", and concepts, Vinnie's book takes things to the next level and beyond - highlighting touch, phrasing, mindfulness, sound, intention, and so much more!

You have to see it and hold it to truly understand...

Steeped in the tradition, and the rudiments, with an emphasis on beauty and melody,

this book delivers.

(The original manuscript is two 70 page spiral bound volumes with an additional 110 loose leaf pages.

The production edition is an exact replica with only some artifacts - 3 hole punches, spiral binding,

original page numbers, etc. - removed for continuity.)

photos of the original manuscripts